The Vesper-Hour,

On the Coast of Normandy.

Calmly fades the light of day1
Faintly sighs the breeze away2
Music steals from every bower :3
’Tis the lonely vesper-hour.4
Pilgrims sad, and hoary men,5
Chant their beads twice o’er again6
Sunset’s rays now dimly lower7
O’er the pensive vesper-hour.8
Twilight mourns in silver gray9
Daylight’s last remaining ray,10
Weeping gems—a pearly dower11
Pale and mystic vesper-hour.12
Fairies from their mossy glade,13
Seeking vales now cast in shade,14
Sprinkle o’er each closing flower15
Tears, that cool the vesper-hour.16
Spirit of the azure air !17
Veiled in hues so soft, so fair,18
Weep, for transient is thy power19
At this balmy vesper-hour.20
Now, adieu ! thy beauty dies,21
And entombed with day it lies ;22
Night now comes—gone is thy power,23
Sad and dreamy vesper-hour !24