Dobson, Austin (M)

Surname: Dobson
Forename(s): (Henry) Austin
b. 18 January 1840. d. 2 September 1921. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Poet, critic, and biographer (especially of eighteenth-century writers and artists). Married Frances Mary Beardmore in 1868. Biographical information: ODNB. (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 28
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
A Dead Letter 1868-07 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14223
Before Sedan 1870-10 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14409
An Unfinished Song 1871 Good Words Poet 2127
A Gentlewoman of the Old School 1871 Good Words Poet 2137
Love in Winter 1871 Good Words Poet 2109
A Flower Song 1871 Good Words Poet 2124
Pot-Pourri 1873 Good Words Poet 2426
A Nightingale in Kensington Gardens 1874 Good Words Poet 2499
A Chapter of Froissart. (Roman de Grand-Père) 1874 Good Words Poet 2514
The Prayer of the Swine to Circe (An Homeric Interpolation, Inscribed to Mr. Briton Riviere) 1875 Good Words Poet 2564
“Poor Miss Tox” 1875 Good Words Poet 2539
The Paradox of Time (A Variation on Ronsard) 1875 Good Words Poet 2525
In Town 1876 Good Words Poet 2594
A Case of Cameos 1876 Good Words Poet 2593
The Forgotten Grave 1876 Good Words Poet 2574
The Child-Violinist 1876-08 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12334
A Song of the Seasons 1877 Good Words Poet 2637
The Masque of the Months 1877 Good Words Poet 2661
The Curé’s Progress 1878-03 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12264
To Ethel, (Who wishes she had lived—“In teacup-times of hood and hoop, Or while the patch was worn”) 1878-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 9569
At the Convent Gate 1879-02 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12248
The Carver and the Caliph 1880-08 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12136
A Persian Apologue. (To E. H. P.) 1881-02 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12115
The Ballad of Bitter Fruit. (After Théodore de Banville) 1889-04 The Century Guild Hobby Horse Translator 8852
A Postscript to “Retaliation” 1897 Pageant Poet 1101
The Ladies of St. James’s 1899-02 Atalanta Poet 15938
“Dear John (the letter ran), it can’t, can’t be” 1899-02 Atalanta Poet 15980
The Five Hundredth Number of the “Cornhill Magazine” 1901-08 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 15006