The Ballad of Bitter Fruit. (After Théodore de Banville)

Figure descriptions
A woman sits in a chair and is embraced by three men. Her eyes are closed. At her left, a man in a cloak grasps her hand and her wrist. He rests his face against the side of her head and gazes at her face. At her right, a man leans close to her face and uses his fingers to brush hair out of her face. A third man kneels in front of her. He leans into her body and places his hands on her torso and in her hair. The woman holds her right hand up to her face. Her dress is light coloured, full, and decorated with bows. At the left side of the illustration, there is an easel with a partially finished portrait of the woman. A chair sits in front of the easel. There are decorated windows in the background. Full page.