With a Wedding Present.

Sweetest maid in all the earth,1
Though my love be little worth,2
Yet I cast it at thy feet :3
To be spurned by thee is sweet.4
Heed it not, nor stoop to take5
What I lavish for thy sake :6
Scarcely cast on it thine eye :7
Go thy way, and let it lie.8
Oh that in a living line9
Were ten thousand loves like mine10
Prostrate laid, that on them all11
Thine unheeding foot might fall !12
Go thy way, most sweet, most fair!13
Tread us down, and do not spare !14
Trample on our heads, for we15
Only live to honour thee !16
All along the love-paved road,17
Lady, pass to thine abode.18
Queen of loves, ascend thy throne,19
Where thou wilt not sit alone.20
Sweetest maid in all the earth,21
Is my love too little worth22
Even to be trampled on23
As thou passest to thy throne ?24