New Year’s Eve.

New Year ! New Year ! come over the snow,1
A thousand songs call to thee !2
A thousand circles wait thee now,3
A thousand firesides woo thee !4
The night is listening for the bells,5
The doors are wide where the poor man dwells,6
The cottage glows, the mansion gleams,7
And dusky red o’er the deep snow streams.8
Old time sits mute in his silent place,9
They watch his motions, they mark his face,10
He starts ! he calls ! and a merry, merry din11
Of voices and bells brings the New Year in.12
Happy New Year ! Happy New Year !13
Give us all things kind and dear,14
And when thou art laid in earth15
May thy death be as blithe as thy birth.16
Old Year ! Old Year ! sink down in thy vaults,17
All nature doth eschew thee18
Lie burried with all thy meeds and faults,19
For nothing can renew thee !20
Light are the feet that dance thee dead !21
Merry the music that rolls o’er thy head !22
Die with thy last, loving glance on them,23
Whose joyance is thy regimen.24
Farewell, farewell, all good or ill25
That thou hast sown, will thy son fulfil ;26
Give him a last word now, to heed27
The good and shun the evil seed.28
Farewell, Old Year ! Farewell, Old Year !29
Many a bright eye owes thee a tear !30
Thou wilt never again have birth ;31
Hush thee calm in the bosom of earth.32
New Year ! New Year ! come sit at the feast,33
A thousand hands prepare thee !34
This night shall all men call thee guest,35
This night may all men share thee ;36
Soon may we know thee tried and true ;37
Give to the student his wreath in view !38
Give to the lover his yearning bride !39
Soon may we know the true and tried40
Make free the slave, and make the free41
Learn all the duties of charity ;42
Let pride die off, let love increase,43
And prosper all the ways of peace !44
Happy New Year ! Happy New Year !45
Give us all things kind and dear,46
And when thou art laid in earth47
May thy death be as blithe as thy birth.48