No. VI.

To the Morning Star.

Pale Star ! that lookest o’er the waters blue,1
When earth and ocean wear a twilight hue,2
From slumber waking, oft I turn to thee,3
And marvel what the day shall bring to me!4
Oh ! happy years of innocence and joy,5
When pleasure smil’d upon the careless boy,6
How have ye swiftly fled, to leave behind7
Sorrow’s dark clouds, and Misery’s hollow wind !8
Then, like the morning lark, I woke and sung,9
Mirth in my heart, and music on my tongue,10
Now fearful I awake to Morning’s light,11
And ask seclusion, and the fall of night.12
Through mazy crowds my heartless path I trace,13
Nor greet a smile upon one friendly face,14
Mid courts and camps I murmur and repine,15
And sigh that peace and privacy were mine!16
Oh world at distance smiling so serene !17
Oh world, thou motleyed and tempestuous scene !18
Oh world, where Purity receives her blot,19
And Virtue is eschewed,—I love thee not !20
Then, fare thee well, bright star, that usher’st in,21
Alike the morning calm, the evening din,22
More welcome shall thy next appearance be,23
When, gemming Twilight’s robe, I gaze on thee !24