Summer Twilight.

The clouds pass away, and are leaving the sky,1
A region of azure, unclouded and bright ;2
And the star of the twilight, with tremulous eye,3
Comes forth, like an angel that heralds the night.4
Not a zephyr is curling the breast of the stream,5
Not a zephyr is stirring the leaves on the tree,6
And low hollow sounds, like the hum of a dream,7
Steal over the vale from the voluble sea,8
All is tranquil and still, save the spirit of man,9
All is peaceful and pure, save the dreams of his breast.10
And the fanciful hopes, that illumine his span,11
Draw him on, like a spell, from the mansions of rest.12
When around there is joy, then, within there is strife,13
On his cheek is a smile, on his bosom is care ;14
And daily, and hourly, the waves of his life15
Dash, breaking in foam, on the rocks of despair !16