No II.

The Woodland Glen.


The sun is sinking behind the mountain,1
The Evening Star is bright,2
And the ceaseless gush of the twilight fountain3
Is heard, with calm delight,4
By the spirit, that far from the homes of men,5
Delights in the still of the woodland glen.6


When the heart is sullen, and sad, and lonely,7
Mid worldly toil and care ;8
When pleasure, and friendship, and love forsaking,9
Behind leave blank despair,10
Oh ! fly to the lone, the sequestered spot,11
Where Nature presides, and where man is not !12


The hazel, the willow, and birch tree weeping,13
With tresses long and drear,14
Descending from slaty rocks, and steeping15
Their boughs in waters clear ;16
The flap of the night bird skimming by,17
And the drowsy hum of the beetle fly.18


The sound of the gentle rills, that tinkle19
Adown their pebbly beds ;20
The aspect of the stars that twinkle,21
The azure gloom that spreads,22
Soften the troubled heart, and sooth23
The waves of the spirit, till all is smooth.24


If sorrow the blossom of manhood wither,25
If fortune prove unkind,26
If the world to thee is estranged, come hither27
And breathe the fragrant wind,28
And learn, that far from the snares of men,29
Peace and Liberty dwell in the woodland glen !30