Poems whose dominant rhyme scheme is: abab

Total poems: 331
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
Musings Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ∆) 1820-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7844
To Thomas Campbell, Esq. An Expostulatory Epistle occasioned by the following passage in his Specimens of English Poetry Maginn, William 1820-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7843
A Hebrew Dirge over Sir Daniel Donnelly Maginn, William 1820-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8450
Sir Daniel Donnelly.—A Ballad W. W. (poet; Blackwood’s) 1820-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8447
Stanzas to Kate, on Appearing Before her After a Casual Turn up Reynolds, John Hamilton 1820-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8503
Stanzas. Afar, Oh Ladye Fair, Afar Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ∆) 1820-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8474
The Spell Unravelled. Written the 6th May 1820 Lloyd, Charles 1820-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8483
Elegy Composed on the Field of Pinkie Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ∆) 1820-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8730
The Testimonium, A Prize Poem Lockhart, John Gibson 1820-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8533
To Margaret Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ∆) 1820-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8731
The Miniature Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ∆) 1820-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8744
Elegy III. Book I Propertius 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8751
Elegy XII. Book II Propertius 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8752
The Wild Rose Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ∆) 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8766
“Ye citizens of London towne” Lockhart, John Gibson 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8785
The Complaint Seneca 1820-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8796
To Corduba Seneca 1820-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8797
No XI. Summer Twilight Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ∆) 1820-11 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9000
A Lament Shoberl, Frederic (1775-1853) 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14480
Constantinople Gowen, J. R. 1830 The Keepsake 3097
Julian’s Death Knight, Edward 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14460
On looking On The Sea. Written Abroad Phipps, Charles B. 1830 The Keepsake 3102
On Seeing a Ship, Which Had Been Induced to Alter Her Course by False Lights, Dashed to Pieces on the Rocks of Scilly, at Midnight, in December, 1813 Ogle, Nathaniel 1830 Forget-Me-Not 15053
Song Neele, Henry 1830 Forget-Me-Not 15061
The Condemned Bernal, Ralph (1783-1854) 1830 The Keepsake 3103
The Death of the Dove Caunter, John Hobart 1830 Forget-Me-Not 15047
The Ivy Baillie, Marianne 1830 Forget-Me-Not 15045
The Last Look Strickland, Agnes 1830 The Keepsake 3101
The Paysanne in the City Jewsbury, Maria Jane 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14474
The Rose and Laurel Leaf Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (pseudonym L. E. L.) 1830 Forget-Me-Not 15058
To Leisure Barton, Bernard 1830 Forget-Me-Not 15049
Verses Inscribed in an Album Jeffrey, Francis 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14452
Woman’s Love Lamb, Caroline 1830 The Keepsake 3115
Poetical Portraits Macnish, Robert 1830-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10066
Triumphant Music Hemans, Felicia 1830-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10062
To My Babe Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ∆) 1830-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10070
Dan’s First Parliamentary Campaign Townsend, Horatio 1830-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10117
Peter Weeping Waring, Samuel Miller 1830-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10155
To the Magdalen Waring, Samuel Miller 1830-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10154
“’Mid scattered foliage, pale and sere” Waring, S. 1830-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10151
To the Mountain Winds Hemans, Felicia 1830-11 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10244
The Palmer Hemans, Felicia 1830-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10250
Slumber. (From the Spanish) 1832-03-02 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 3026
Arise, My Love! 1832-03-16 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 3027
The Firmament Habington, William 1832-04-14 The Penny Magazine 2823
A Comparison Between Good Housewifery and Evil Tusser, Thomas 1832-04-28 The Penny Magazine 2833
Lost Hope Tennyson, Alfred 1832-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11139
To the Cuckoo Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) 1832-05-05 The Penny Magazine 2843
The Gladness of Nature Bryant, William Cullen 1832-06-09 The Penny Magazine 3666
Prayer Montgomery, James 1832-07-14 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 3001
Song Herbert, George 1832-08-18 The Penny Magazine 2918
The Blind Boy Cibber, Colley 1832-10-06 The Penny Magazine 2924
A Spanish Anecdote Milnes, Richard Monckton 1840 The Keepsake 4775
A Tale of the Tower Jerrold, Douglas William 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15168
Song Stuart-Wortley, Emmeline 1840 The Keepsake 4786
Spike Island. A Legend 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15169
The Contrast Swain, Charles 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15178
The Silent Lyre 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15166
To Woman. From the Above Prince Rodolph of Liechtenstein 1840 The Keepsake 4781
Hymn I Sterling, John 1840-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11408
Hymn III Sterling, John 1840-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11413
Hymn V Sterling, John 1840-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11418
Hymn VI Sterling, John 1840-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11420
Sir Walter Scott at the Tomb of the Stuarts in St Peter’s Milnes, Richard Monckton 1840-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11405
Hymn VIII Sterling, John 1840-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11430
Hymn X Sterling, John 1840-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11432
Hymn XI Sterling, John 1840-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11433
Wellington Sterling, John 1840-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11435
The Emigrant’s Farewell E. P. (poet; The Chartist Circular) 1840-03-21 The Chartist Circular 26
Night Showeth Knowledge Habington, William 1840-03-28 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4383
Hymn XVI Sterling, John 1840-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11461
Hymn XVII Sterling, John 1840-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11462
Lines on the Sale of the Black Arab, The Gift of the Imaum of Muscat Doyle, Francis Hastings Charles 1840-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11469
Fragmentary Stanzas S. (poet; The Chartist Circular) 1840-05-09 The Chartist Circular 31
The Power of Love Morris, Charles 1840-05-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4395
Whig Malignity. A Simile Argus (pseudonym) 1840-05-23 The Chartist Circular 34
The Sparrow and the Caged Bird. Founded on an Anecdote Related in the Naturalist’s Magazine Hedderwick, James 1840-05-30 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4397
The Bramin Angel. An Oriental Tale Croly, George 1840-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11475
Stanzas, Suggested by a Conversation with a Friend, On the Battle of Bannockburn J. M’C. Junr. (poet; The Chartist Circular) 1840-06-13 The Chartist Circular 37
Ode on the First of May Buchanan, George 1840-07-18 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4408
The League of Crime Mitchell, John 1840-07-25 The Chartist Circular 43
III. Epitaph on a young Swiss who Died at Madeira Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11259
V. “How fair the summer day of joy and light” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11261
VII. “When reason serves at passion’s will” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11263
VIII. “Sweet notes, to all but him unspoken” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11264
X. “I look’d upon a steam-engine, and thought” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11266
XI. “Poor affluence of Words, how weak thy power” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11267
XII. “A troop went pacing by in easy ken” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11268
XIV. “When the Titan brought fire to men on earth” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11270
XIX. “Loud sceptic cock, I see thee stand” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11275
XL. “The working fire is Action strong and true” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11296
XLIII. “Think’st thou, friend, that legends lying” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11304
XVI. “Thou whose mental eye is keen” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11272
XVII. “If all the forest leaves had speech” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11273
XXIII. “When he who told Ulysses’ tale in song” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11279
XXXVII. “Yellow, small Canary bird” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11293
My Scottish Boy C. F. (poet; The Chartist Circular) 1840-08-15 The Chartist Circular 45
Invocation to the Memory of Sir William Wallace Argus (pseudonym) 1840-08-22 The Chartist Circular 46
“Give Us this Day our Daily Bread” Binns, George 1840-09-12 The Chartist Circular 49
The Return Hemans, Felicia 1840-09-19 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5222
The Night After the Battle 1840-10-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12306
The Broken Violin Beranger, Pierre-Jean de 1840-10-10 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5226
The Voice of Home to the Prodigal Hemans, Felicia 1840-10-24 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5231
The Charms of the Fatherland de Beauharnais, Hortense 1840-11-14 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5238
To The Nightingale de Lamartine, Alphonse 1840-11-14 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5235
Lines to Murphy Partridge, Samuel William 1840-11-21 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5239
I. To a Lady Reading “The Prisoner of Chillon” in preference to “Childe Harold” Simmons, Bartholomew 1840-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11316
Footsteps of Angels Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 1844-03-30 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5416
A Birthday-Gift Bartholomew, Anne Charlotte Turnbull 1850 The Keepsake 5692
A Woman’s Wish Thompson, Annabel Charlotte 1850 The Keepsake 5685
Dreams Wilson, Florence Margaret 1850 The Keepsake 5688
The “Crochet-Worker.” Suggested by Etty’s Picture in the Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1849 Sedgwick, George 1850-02-02 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6057
Stanzas by Shakspeare, and Somebody Else 1850-03-09 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6062
The Fire of Drift-Wood Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 1850-03-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6064
The Wayside Well Allingham, William 1850-03-30 Household Words 1038
To a Lady: On her Planting Ivy Round a Ruined Church A. L. (poet; Chambers’s) 1850-04-13 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6066
The Railway Station Greenwell, Dora 1850-05-04 Household Words 1075
The Two Sacks. Imitated from PhĂŠdrus Bulwer-Lytton, Edward 1850-06-22 Household Words 1105
Ireland—1849. Autumnal Dirge De Vere, Aubrey 1850-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9058
Ireland—1849. Winter Dirge De Vere, Aubrey 1850-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9060
The Year of Sorrow.—Ireland—1849. Spring Song De Vere, Aubrey 1850-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9056
An Old Haunt Lawson, E. 1850-07-03 Household Words 1112
The Necromancy of the Past Campbell, (Robert) Calder 1850-07-20 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6080
Evening Guests Craik, Dinah 1850-08-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6082
The Ivy M. T. H. (poet; Chambers’s) 1850-08-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6085
Gentle Words Lemon, Mark 1850-09-28 Household Words 1137
A Lament for the Fairies Watts, Alaric Alexander 1850-10-12 Household Words 1140
A Lesson for Future Life 1850-10-12 Household Words 1141
A Guernsey Tradition Bradburn 1850-10-19 Household Words 1142
A Memory 1850-10-26 Household Words 1145
The Two Blackbirds Meredith, George 1850-11-09 Household Words 1148
Wayconnell Tower Allingham, William 1850-11-16 Household Words 1149
Human Brotherhood Prince, John Critchley 1850-11-30 Household Words 1151
The Youth and the Sage Horne, Richard Hengist 1850-12-07 Household Words 1153
The Chords of Love Harper 1850-12-28 Household Words 1157
The Congress of Nations Meredith, George 1851-03-08 Household Words 1173
Sketching the Castle S. B. (poet; Once a Week), Brooks, Shirley 1859-07-16 Once a Week 200
The Round Tower at Jhansi.—June 8, 1857 Rossetti, Christina G. 1859-08-13 Once a Week 207
Two Partings Benson, Ralph Augustus 1859-09-17 Once a Week 216
Sad Words Hopkins, Manley 1859-12-10 Once a Week 244
Little Things 1860-01 Good Words 308
The First Morning of 1860 Clive, Caroline 1860-01 The Cornhill Magazine 11930
A Wife Allingham, William 1860-01-07 Once a Week 250
A Border Song Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, D. G. R. (poet; Once a Week) 1860-01-14 Once a Week 253
The Volunteers’ Song 1860-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7746
Love’s Comparisons Daintrey, George 1860-02-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6558
One Trace Left 1860-02-04 All the Year Round 2724
The Head of Bran Meredith, George 1860-02-04 Once a Week 256
Early Spring Penny, Anne Judith 1860-02-25 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6570
Pencil Marks in a Book of Devotion Greenwell, Dora 1860-03 Good Words 318
“Faint, Yet Pursuing.” A Song of the Church Militant Greenwell, Dora 1860-03 Good Words 319
Practising Brooks, Shirley 1860-03-10 Once a Week 263
Spring Hood, Thomas 1860-04 The Cornhill Magazine 11936
The Boy and the Captive Bird Anderson, John 1860-04 Good Words 324
“Sorrowing, yet Rejoicing” J. A. (poet; Good Words) 1860-04 Good Words 326
The Outcast Mother Brontë, Emily 1860-05 The Cornhill Magazine 11941
The Snowdrops Worsley, Philip Stanhope 1860-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7762
Written in the Deepdene Album Irving, Washington 1860-05 The Cornhill Magazine 11940
Isaiah XXXIII.17 Havergal, Francis Ridley 1860-06 Good Words 333
Seeking Greenwell, Dora 1860-06 Good Words 337
The Maiden’s Lover C. U. D. (poet; Cornhill) 1860-06 The Cornhill Magazine 11942
“Never say that good is waning” Worsley, Philip Stanhope 1860-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7770
Her Bridal Benson, Ralph Augustus 1860-06-09 Once a Week 272
Musa E. M. B. (poet; Once a Week) 1860-06-16 Once a Week 273
What One Year Brought Merry, William Walter 1860-06-23 Once a Week 274
An Eastern Legend Versified, from Alphonse De Lamartine’s Travels Turner, Charles Tennyson 1860-07 Macmillan’s Magazine 14013
The Railway Station Greenwell, Dora 1860-07 Good Words 341
Vanitas Vanitatum Thackeray, William Makepeace 1860-07 The Cornhill Magazine 11945
Contrasts Fuller, James Franklin 1860-07-14 Once a Week 280
Violet Munby, Arthur J. 1860-07-28 Once a Week 283
Two Love Stories 1860-08 Macmillan’s Magazine 14017
Fairy Lore Macfarlan, James 1860-08-04 All the Year Round 2820
The Legend of Little Pearl Massey, Gerald 1860-08-18 All the Year Round 2822
Dark Gordon’s Bride Montgomery, Bartholomew Sparrow 1860-08-25 Once a Week 286
Old King Hake Massey, Gerald 1860-08-25 All the Year Round 2824
Jolly Anglers S. (poet; Once a Week) 1860-09-01 Once a Week 287
The Meeting Meredith, George 1860-09-01 Once a Week 288
A Forced Recruit at Solferino Browning, Elizabeth Barrett 1860-10 The Cornhill Magazine 11948
Sabbath Peace Greenwell, Dora 1860-10 Good Words 353
Strength Worsley, Philip Stanhope 1860-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7785
The Dungeon Key 1860-10 Macmillan’s Magazine 14022
Aimless Huxley, Henrietta Anne 1860-10-13 Once a Week 295
The Golden Island: Arran from Ayr Craik, Dinah 1860-11 Macmillan’s Magazine 14024
The Lost Clue C. U. D. (poet; Macmillan’s) 1860-11 Macmillan’s Magazine 14023
The White Crusade—Italy 1860 Greenwell, Dora 1860-11 Good Words 362
Torquil and Oona Smith, Alexander 1860-11 Macmillan’s Magazine 14025
“Carpe Diem” 1860-11 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7786
Archidamia Piper, Mary 1860-11-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6730
The River Ranken, W. B. 1860-11-24 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6777
Transplanted 1860-11-24 All the Year Round 2835
Won! Fonblanque, Albany Jr. 1860-11-24 Once a Week 301
A Human Skull Locker-Lampson, Frederick 1860-12 The Cornhill Magazine 11952
The Lost Expedition Hood, Thomas 1860-12 Macmillan’s Magazine 14026
The Two Hands Lemon, Mark 1860-12-01 Once a Week 303
The World of Love 1860-12-01 All the Year Round 2836
The Fairies. (Translated from the German of Heinrich Heine) Heine, Heinrich 1862-03-29 Once a Week 890
Heimkehr (the Return). From the German of Emmanuel Geibel Geibel, Emmanuel 1862-10-11 Once a Week 922
“Home they brought her warrior dead” Tennyson, Alfred 1865-07 Macmillan’s Magazine 14880
Mary Ann Munby, Arthur J. 1865-09-23 Once a Week 963
A Prayer in the City. London, 1869 Hill, Alsager Hay 1870-01-15 All the Year Round 3805
Adieu 1870-01-15 Once a Week 13808
Epitaph on Dyonisia Gallus, Cornelius 1870-01-22 All the Year Round 9918
Winter Scenes in Scotland Ogilvy, William Balfour 1870-01-29 Once a Week 13810
The Old Tree in Norbury Park 1870-02-19 All the Year Round 3810
I. “Pusicos odi, puer, apparatus.”–Ode 1.33 Horace 1870-02-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7241
II. “Tyrrhena regum progenies.”–Ode iii.29 Horace 1870-02-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 11632
Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality 1870-02-26 All the Year Round 3811
A Grave Beside a Stream. Rev. VII. 17 Macmillan, Hugh 1870-03 Macmillan’s Magazine 14399
In February. 1870 F. (poet; Blackwood’s) 1870-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10500
Waiting Simcox, George Augustus 1870-03-01 Good Words 2011
The Ancient Portrait Wardle, James 1870-03-19 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7244
Spring Macpherson, A. 1870-03-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7245
At Rome Merivale, Herman Charles 1870-04 The Cornhill Magazine 12102
Old Memories J. P. W. (poet; Good Words) 1870-04-01 Good Words 2015
A Stolen Visit Mulholland, Rosa 1870-04-02 All the Year Round 3816
Sunset Rowe, John 1870-04-02 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7246
Woodland Memories Watkins, Morgan George 1870-04-09 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7247
I.—A Winter Song Ingelow, Jean 1870-05-01 Good Words 2017
The Meeting 1870-05-14 Once a Week 13599
May Ditty Mulholland, Rosa 1870-05-21 All the Year Round 3821
To My Two-Wheeled Steed Jones, Eustace Hinton 1870-06-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7255
A Last Look Piatt, Sarah M. B. 1870-06-18 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7257
Whither Goest Thou? Greg, Samuel 1870-07 Macmillan’s Magazine 14404
From Home to Home Simcox, George Augustus 1870-07-01 Good Words 2023
A Farewell Bulwer-Lytton, Robert (pseudonym Owen Meredith) 1870-07-09 All the Year Round 4531
The Wishes of A Dumb-Waiter Merivale, Herman Charles 1870-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10485
I.–A Walk to Acrington on the Fourth of March. (Written for a Friend’s Birthday) Ingelow, Jean 1870-08-01 Good Words 2028
V.—The Death of Haco Blackie, John Stuart 1870-08-01 Good Words 12522
InsulĂŠ FortunatĂŠ 1870-08-20 Once a Week 13714
Desolation Newman, John Henry 1870-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10495
Trifles Gandar, W. B. 1870-11-19 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7279
An Apology Begbie, A. J. 1871-03 The Dark Blue 163
Letrilla Gautier, Théophile 1871-03 The Dark Blue 16081
Pastel Gautier, Théophile 1871-03 The Dark Blue 16082
“Not with the anguish of hearts that are breaking” Holmes, Oliver Wendell 1871-03 The Dark Blue 16083
The End of a Month Swinburne, Algernon Charles 1871-04 The Dark Blue 166
The Song of the Sirens Strahan, Alexander Stuart 1871-04 The Dark Blue 165
An Old Tune Labrunie, GĂ©rard (pseudonym GĂ©rard de Nerval) 1871-05 The Dark Blue 16087
In Memoriam P. M. Cantab (pseudonym) 1871-05 The Dark Blue 174
Loreley Heine, Heinrich 1871-05 The Dark Blue 16084
Anacreontic Ashby-Sterry, Joseph 1871-06 The Dark Blue 182
From the German of Heinrich Heine Heine, Heinrich 1871-06 The Dark Blue 181
The Story of Europa. Hor. Old. III. xxvii. 25 Horace 1871-07 The Dark Blue 186
Requiescat de Burgh, Hubert 1871-08 The Dark Blue 16093
To L. M. O. Wilson-Block, Elisabeth 1871-09 The Dark Blue 603
Charity Japp, Alexander Hay 1880 Good Words 3553
Conflict and Victory Glasse, John 1880 Good Words 3584
Fairy Jane. (For music) Johnston, Henry 1880 Good Words 3632
Hymn Blackie, John Stuart 1880 Good Words 3624
I.—Eily Hart, Elizabeth Anna 1880 Good Words 3610
III.—A Summer Morning A. H. J. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 13119
The Aftermath Hendry, James 1880 Good Words 3605
The Border Land Simpson, Jane Cross 1880 Good Words 3592
The Edel-Weiss. To the Memory of William Howitt Greenwell, Dora 1880 Good Words 3621
The Soul’s Oratorio Brooke, Richard Sinclair 1880 Good Words 3614
The Voices of the Flowers Anderson, Alexander 1880 Good Words 3601
Sincerity 1880-01-03 Once a Week 13755
“In the days of our boyhood we listened in glee” 1880-01-03 Once a Week 15919
A Dialogue MacDonald, Maggie 1880-01-10 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7287
Roses Darnell, Martin 1880-01-24 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7289
A Night Watch U. (poet; Macmillan’s) 1880-02 Macmillan’s Magazine 14734
A Maori Serenade Wilkinson, Thomas C. 1880-02-07 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7291
Where Shall We Roam? Lehmann, Rudolph Chambers 1880-03-06 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7295
To My Canary Fort, Frederick 1880-04-17 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7301
A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning Donne, John 1880-05 The Nineteenth Century 8043
Twilight’s Hour Inglis, William F. E. 1880-06-05 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7307
Summer Twilight Sorrel, Susan 1880-07-31 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7411
At Sea. 1880 Doyle, Francis Hastings Charles 1880-08 Macmillan’s Magazine 14740
The Blackbird Story, William Wetmore 1880-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9267
In Memoriam. A. W. E., aged five years, who fell when at play, a distance of fifty-five feet, and was instantly killed Elliott, J. A. 1880-10-02 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7420
IV.—Love Test Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym Hugh Haliburton) 1880-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9275
IX.—The Fugitives Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym Hugh Haliburton) 1880-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9282
V.—The Violet’s Grave Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym Hugh Haliburton) 1880-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9280
The Happy Man Brown, Robert 1880-12-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7429
Freedom Tennyson, Alfred 1884-12 Macmillan’s Magazine 14971
By Private Post Hill, George 1890 Good Words 4104
Music. (Translated from the French of Sully Prud’homme) Prudhomme, Sully 1890 Woman’s World 1063
Peace Levy, Amy 1890 Woman’s World 1042
Susie Begbie, Agnes Helen 1890 Good Words 4079
The Australian Dying Year Pedley, Ethel 1890 Woman’s World 1067
The End Cross, Edythe H. 1890 Woman’s World 1062
The Promise of Sleep Levy, Amy 1890 Woman’s World 1044
Crossing the Bar Tennyson, Alfred 1890-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8386
The Burn Bayne, Peter (pseud. Ellis Brandt) 1890-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8382
“Last night I saw you in my sleep” Browning, Robert 1890-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8385
“‘So say the foolish!’ Say the foolish so, Love?” Browning, Robert 1890-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8384
Question and Answer Peacock, Florence 1890-01-11 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13123
Heartsease Matheson, E. 1890-03-15 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13132
Caroline Herschel Spofford, Harriet Prescott 1890-04 Atalanta 2029
After Nicol, R. E. (pseudonym Edward Roedni) 1890-04-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13138
Kate Cunningham’s Ride Werner, Alice 1890-05 Atalanta 2032
Three Roses Symes, J. H. 1890-05-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13139
Little Children Taylor, M. 1890-05-10 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13140
The Stars Brindley, Louis H. 1890-06-21 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13146
In the Evening C. M. O’N. (poet; Blackwood’s) 1890-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8412
For September, 1890 Amy R. (pseudonym) 1890-10 Atalanta 2050
“Yea, I Have A Goodly Heritage” Rossetti, Christina G. 1890-10 Atalanta 2047
Junes Long Fled Langbridge, Frederick 1890-11 Atalanta 2051
Via Umbré Burgess, W. A. S. 1890-11-15 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13167
In the Night Gregor, W. Gow 1890-11-22 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13168
“To Be Burnt as a Witch.” (Pantoum) 1890-11-29 All the Year Round 4868
Sir Walter’s Honor Preston, Margaret J. 1890-12 Atalanta 2059
“Though the heart be not attending” Ingelow, Jean 1890-12 Atalanta 2057
By an Evolutionist Tennyson, Alfred 1893-10 The Nineteenth Century 8466
II—A Dream of November Gosse, Edmund 1894-04 The Yellow Book 9972
II—Down-a-down Davidson, John 1894-04 The Yellow Book 9973
Tree-Worship Le Gallienne, Richard 1894-04 The Yellow Book 768
ΔαÎčÎŒÎżÎœÎčÎ¶ÏŒÎŒÎ”ÎœÎżÏ‚ Benson, Arthur Christopher 1894-04 The Yellow Book 769
Song Radford, Dollie 1894-07 The Yellow Book 775
A Ballad of a Nun Davidson, John 1894-10 The Yellow Book 790
To a Bunch of Lilac Marzials, Theo 1894-10 The Yellow Book 783
To Salome at St. James’s Wratislaw, Theodore 1894-10 The Yellow Book 784
Twilight Custance, Olive 1894-10 The Yellow Book 785
A Fragment Marzials, Theo 1895-10 The Yellow Book 990
Four Quatrains Addleshaw, Percy (pseudonym Percy Hemingway) 1896 Pageant 1096
The Ox Gray, John 1896 Pageant 1099
The Song of Songs Watson, Rosamund Marriott 1897 Pageant 1127
Home Canton, William 1900 Good Words 15013
In the Woodlands Canton, William 1900 Good Words 15015
The Hedge Canton, William 1900 Good Words 15012
“I Laid Me Down” Briss, Vida 1900 Good Words 15014
The Prayer of the Women Carlisle, Mabel Beatrice 1900-03-24 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12440
April Salmon, Arthur Leslie 1900-03-31 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12441
Mizpah MacNair, Jean H. 1900-04-07 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12442
Tremynfa, Aber Dickinson, R. 1900-05-05 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12446
The Butterflies Bell, John Joy 1900-06-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12452
The Poplar 1900-08 Macmillan’s Magazine 14952
Two Little Books Bowen, Charles Inniss 1900-08-25 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12461
Two Portraits Leatham, Edith Rutter 1900-09-22 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12465
The Holiday Bell, John Joy 1900-09-29 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12466
Parting—and After McKeown, Robert L. 1900-12-01 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12476