Twilight’s Hour.

The sunlight on a waveless sea1
In softened radiance fadeth slowly.2
The folded flower, the mist-crowned tree,3
Proclaim the gathering twilight holy.4
It is the hour when Passion bows :5
A solemn stillness round us lingers ;6
And on our wildly throbbing brows7
We feel the touch of angel fingers.8
It is the hour when lovers fond9
(For Love its native air is breathing)10
Drape with fair hopes Life’s drear beyond,11
Gay garlands for the future wreathing.12
It is the hour when in far land,13
The wanderer tired of ceaseless roaming,14
Longs for the clasp of kindred hand,15
And the dear home enwrapt in gloaming.16
It is the hour when mankind hears,17
Amid Earth’s mingled moans and laughter,18
Chords which will swell when unborn years19
Are buried in the great Hereafter.20