Julian’s Death.

An acorn was planted at Julian’s birth,1
That resisted the blights of the weather ;2
The youth grew in strength, like the oak from the earth,3
And they flourish’d in beauty together.4
The youth being forced to a far distant shore,5
The leaves fell like tears to the ground ;6
The breeze seem’d to murmur, young Julian’s no more,7
And the oak droop’d like death at the sound.8
The branches were perish’d, the axe was applied,9
Which fell’d its proud head to the ground ;10
And the maiden who loved him, in sorrow she sigh’d11
Such a fate has my Julian found !12
Alas ! and alas ! at the very same hour13
Came news that suspended her breath ;14
The tree was now levell’d, and so was the flower,15
For the news was young Julian’s death.16