Guests, at a nobleman’s board,1
Drink to the bridal morrow ;2
While, at the breast of the lord3
Rankles a barb of sorrow.4
Hark to the pitiful wail !5
That woman, my lord, without ;6
They are taking her off to the gaol.”7
Merely a beggar, no doubt.”8
What a singular sighing sound !”9
Says one of the great, at the table.10
John, have you looked to the hound ?11
Make him a bed in the stable.”12
Over those steps, again,13
Entered a bride in the morn,14
Follow’d by powder’d men,15
Stiff, and stately, and shorn.16
Out of a prison den17
Issued a wretch that morn,18
Follow’d by brutal men,19
Eager to see and scorn.20
Quick ! or we’ll miss the marriage,21
Yonder, in Hanover Square.22
They are off in a splendid carriage :23
Faith, they’re a splendid pair !”24
A crowd of men, women, and children outside of a police station. One man is holding on to a dog. 1/2 page.
A birth in a chamber great ;25
A birth in a hospital ward :26
One in sorrow ; one in state ;27
Both the sons of a lord.28
Doctors around her bed ;29
Nurses and friends beside.30
Lightly and softly tread31
This is a titled bride.32
Cover that face in a shroud :33
Mention her name no more ;34
Though she was silent and proud,35
She was plebeian and poor.36
The charity brat she bore,37
Yes ! let him grow up in the crowd,38
Cringe at the nobleman’s door.39
Cover her face with the shroud :40
Mention her name no more !41
Send the young heir to college,42
To swim with the wealthy tide ;43
Probing the depths of knowledge,44
Skimming the shoals of pride.45
It may he his natural brother46
Will hold his horse for a crust ;47
And neither can tell the other48
Their kinship in common dust.49