Mary Ann.

She is right weary of her days,1
Her long lone days of dusty kneeling ;2
And yet “ The thoughts o’ you,” she says,3
Has took away my tired feeling.4
For when I’ve done the room,” she says,5
And clean’d it all from floor to ceiling,6
A-leaning on my broom,” she says,7
I do have such a tired feeling !”8
But he, the other labourer,9
Has left behind his moorland shieling,10
And comes at last to comfort her,11
Because he knows her “ tired feeling.”12
I know’d you was to come,” she says,13
For why ?  I see’d the swallows wheeling ;14
And that’s a sign to me, I says,15
I soon shall lose my ‘ tired feeling.’16
I’ll ax my Missis leave, I says ;17
I canna work ; my heart wants healing :18
She give it me, and smiles and says,19
Well, that’ll cure your tired feeling.’20
And so it will !  For days and days21
I’m strong again, and fit for kneeling ;22
The thoughts o’ seeing you,” she says,23
Has took away my tired feeling.”24