A Maori Serenade.


When queenly rides the moon above,1
And softly falls the dew ;2
Across the wave to thee, my love,3
I’ll steer the light canoe.’4
The watchful maid his coming spied ;5
Into the bark she came ;6
While drifting gaily down the tide,7
He thus avowed his flame.8
How roguish yonder stars, my dear,9
Are twinkling in the sky !10
Yet none our tale of love can hear11
But only thou and I.12
Serenely sails the moon above,13
Across the liquid blue ;14
So, gently down Life’s waters, love,15
We’ll steer the light canoe.’16


Man ever was inconstant known.17
Should I be called away18
To where beyond the stars ’tis shewn19
We find eternal day ;20
So sure as shines yon moon above,21
Thy heart will prove untrue ;22
To seek some English lady-love,23
Thou ’lt steer the light canoe.’24


The beauteous forms who will may boast25
Of Albion’s favoured isle ;26
The joy on earth I value most,27
My Maori maiden’s smile.28
And if in death’s repose my love29
Retire from earthly view ;30
To join her then, for Heaven above31
I’ll steer the light canoe.’32