O for a heart from self set free,1
And doubt, and fret, and care,2
Light as a bird, instinct with glee,3
That fans the breezy air !4
O for a mind whose virtue moulds5
All sensuous fair display,6
And, like a strong commander, holds7
A world of thoughts in sway !8
O for an eye that’s clear to see,9
A hand that waits on Fate,10
To pluck the ripe fruit from the tree,11
And never comes too late !12
O for a life with firm-set root,13
And breadth of leafy green,14
And flush of blooming wealth, and fruit15
That glows with mellow sheen !16
O for a death from sharp alarms17
And bitter memories free :18
A gentle death in God’s own arms,19
Whose dear Son died for me !20