I have been dreaming of the happy past1
Of many a smile that I no more shall see ;2
Of scenes and hopes too bright, too blest to last,3
That never more shall shed their light on me !4
I have been dreaming of my childhood’s hours,5
Of the calm valley and the peaceful shade,6
Where my young hand first plucked the violet flowers,7
Where my young footsteps first ’ mid roses strayed.8
I have been dreaming of those cloudless years9
When care or blight my spirit never knew :10
Ere Life’s bright flow’rets were bedewed with tears,11
And, winged with joy, Time’s silken pinions flew.12
And from such dreams with morn’s pale glance I woke,13
To find Life’s barque still toss’d on Sorrow’s stream ;14
To feel, alas ! all happiness is broke,15
That joy and hope for me are now a dream !16