Parting—and After.

The moonlight once again is here,1
The moving months with joy I see ;2
The passing weeks are bringing near3
The time when Norah comes to me.4
The precious moments quickly flew,5
And fast the final hour drew nigh6
When I to home must bid adieu,7
And to my sweetheart say good-bye.8
A ling’ring kiss, a long embrace,9
Low words, a last fond look, a prayer ;10
Then growing distance dimmed her face :11
Parted ? I hardly knew we were.12
To her my heart has ever turned13
For since that separation-day,14
When flying train and fleeting ship15
Bore me so fast and far away.16
The skies were dull, the trees were bare,17
And autumn winds with winter blew ;18
I left her in the city there,19
Silent and sad and tearful too,20
Because an anxious, doubtful year,21
By weary waiting longer made,22
Loomed up between her love and her,23
And made her maiden heart afraid.24


With holy joy and deep delight25
We hail the coming of the time26
When sundered hearts shall reunite,27
And she for ever shall be mine.28
Symmetrical tailpiece with decorative curls and stylized fleurons spread throughout. 1/32 page.