A Stolen Visit.

When you are wrapt in happy sleep,1
I walk about your house by night,2
With many a wistful, stealthy peep3
At what I’ve loved by morning light.4
Your head is on the pillow laid,5
My feet are where your footsteps were ;6
Your soul to other lands has strayed,7
My heart can hear you breathe and stir.8
I seat me in your wonted chair,9
And ope your book a little space ;10
I touch the flowers that knew your care,11
The mirror that reflects your face.12
I kiss the pen that spoke your thought,13
The spot whereon you knelt to pray,14
The message with your wisdom fraught,15
Writ down on paper yesterday.16
The garment that you lately wore,17
The threshold that your step goes by,18
The music that you fingered o’er,19
The picture that contents your eye.20
Yet when you wake from happy sleep,21
And, busy here, and busy there,22
You take your wonted morning peep23
At whatis good and what is fair.24
She has been here,” you will not say,25
My prying face you will not find ;26
You’ll think, “ She is a mile away,”27
My love hath left no mark behind.28