Awake to the sound of my sighing,1
Breeze, gentle breeze of the night !2
Like an echo awake thou, replying 3
To my grief’s bitter wailing aright.4
Let me think it is Nature thus mourning,5
Deep Nature and sorrowful Night ;6
For my soul and my heart I am scorning,7
Thus bowed beneath Sorrow’s cold blight.8
Wake then to the sound of my sighing9
Breeze ! quiet breeze of the night !10
In the tones of thy sinking and dying,11
Perchance thou may’st chime it aright.12
And oh ! not alone with my sighing,13
Be burthened, sweet breeze of the night ;14
This soul—to which none are replying,15
Bear that too with thee on thy flight !16