Love’s Comparisons.

Oh ! bright is the rose when the sunshine is glinting,1
And painting its petals with hues from above ;2
But warmer than even its exquisite tinting,3
The rich glowing cheek of the maid that I love.4
And jetty the gloss on the plumes of the raven,5
And flossy the twine which the silkworms have wove ;6
But darker, and softer, and radiant of heaven,7
The bright flowing hair of the maid that I love.8
Inviting the cherry, which welcomes the kiss9
Of the sun, as it streams through the fruit-laden grove ;10
But what shall describe the elysium of bliss,11
Which dwells on the lips of the maid that I love ?12
Deep blue are the coralline caves of the ocean,13
Reflecting the azure of heaven above ;14
But deeper, and bluer, and full of devotion,15
The soft liquid eyes of the maid that I love.16
And airy the zephyr, whose balmy breath brings17
Sunny dreams of delight from Arabian grove ;18
But lighter than even his bliss-laden wings,19
The innocent step of the maid that I love.20
And pure is the lily, just washed by the shower,21
And pure is the down on the wing of the dove ;22
But purer than ever was dove or was flower,23
The taintless young soul of the maid that I love !24