Invocation to the Memory of Sir
William Wallace.

Hail ! purest gem, thy country’s pride,1
Hail ! first on Nature’s roll ; 2
Hail ! Scotland’s band of heroes guide,—3
That led to Freedom’s goal.4
Hail ! Patriot pure, and undefiled,5
Hail ! wisdom’s favoured choice ;6
Hail, Justice, Truth, and Virtue’s child,7
That still gars Scotia’s a rejoice.8
Oh, that the sympathetic tear9
Could blot the stain thy wrongs impart ;10
Oh, that thy spirit yet could cheer11
The gloom from Scotland’s bursting heart.12
Thrice did’st thou plant fair: Freedom’s tree,—13
Thrice did’st thou rend the despot’s chain,—14
Thrice did thine arm thy country free,—15
And yet her sons are s aves again.16
Oh, that thy courage still would meet17
Thy country’s tyrants hand to hand ;18
Then would thy dauntless spirit greet19
The myriads of thy Fatherland !20