Ye citizens of London towne,1
And wyves so faire and fatte,2
Behold a gueste of high renowne,3
Grete Whyttingtone his Catte.4


The king hathe ynn hys towre of state,5
Beares Lyons and alle thatt6
But hee hathe notte a beste so grete,7
Ass Whyttingtone hys Catte.8


This Catte doth notte a Catte appeare,9
Beeying too bigge fore thatt,10
But herre attendants all do weare11
Som tokyn off a Catte.12


The one hath whyskerrs thicke as burres,13
Most comelye to looke atte14
Another wears a gown of furres,15
The liverye of the Catte.16


She doth not creep along the floors,17
But stands, or else lies flatte,18
Whyles they must gamebol on all foures,19
Whoso would please the Catte.20


A cunning monkey of the law,21
As by the fire he satte,22
To picke hys nuts out, used ye paw23
Of Whyttingtone his Catte.24


But Whyttington discovered plain25
What this vile ape was atte26
Who failed thus his nuttes to gain,27
And only singed the Catte.28
&c. &c. &c.29