The End.

Hush ! They are ended ;1
Ended for aye ;2
All things that blended3
Into her day.4
Hush ! She is sleeping5
Calm at the last,6
Laughter and weeping7
Over and past.8
Vain to recall now9
Words that were said10
Ended is all now ;11
Gladys is dead.12
Whisper !  Above her,13
Hovering near,14
Angels who love her15
Watch o’er the bier.16
Peace ! We must leave her17
Calmly to go ;18
Peace ! It would grieve her19
Seeing our woe.20
Heap earth, and cover21
Two lives that blend ;22
I was her lover :23
This is the end.24
Symmetrical vegetal tailpiece featuring vines and flowers. 1/32 page.