A Border Song.

Separated into two scenes. Both scenes depict knights on horseback dressed in armour and holding spears. The bottom scene includes bulls, as well as a castle and hills in the distance. 1/3 page.
To horse ! For who would idly bide,1
With a moon so round and clear ?2
’Twill merrier be to-night to ride3
Than hungry-eyed sit here.4
The board is bare,” my lady pleads,5
And shall we fast perforce ?6
Never, while herd in England feeds,7
And Harden owns a horse.8
What though in our last border fray9
We lost a cousin brave ?10
As sound a sleep is his, I say,11
As comes to churchyard grave.12
Rather than toss on couch of pain,13
Sinking by slow degree,14
Who would not fall on starlit plain,15
Or ’ neath the greenwood tree ?16
The thrall of peace is all I fear ;17
No battle doom I dread ;18
There hath not died this many a year19
A chief of Scott in bed.20
To horse ! and use to-night, my friends,21
The moonlight as you may,22
Till English valleys make amends23
For our poor cheer to-day.24