The World of Love.

Where low the sun’s last beams were shed,1
Watching the sinking day,2
A tender sadness, earthly bred,3
Fell on me as I lay.4
The white, white moon went flowing fast5
To steal to his embrace,6
His parting smile upon her cast7
Had brightened all her face.8
So, constant still, I marked them move,9
My soul meanwhile construing10
How he was like to mortal Love,11
And she like Death pursuing.12
I slept—and woke : O wond’rous world !13
Mine eyes were eastward turned ;14
The cold moon waned with wings half furled15
The skies with glory burned.16
Pale shape,” I cried, “ thy regal brow17
Ruled this benighted strand :18
But, O my soul ! how fares it now19
In yon blest morning land ?”20
I gazed, and saw : the broad sun rose21
With radiance crowned and belted ;22
The white, white moon, like scattered snows23
Into the shadows melted.24
Then first I learned what name to give25
That world beyond the sky :26
God’s heaven, where only Love can live,27
And only Death can die.28