A bare-footed child walks along a dirt path. He holds a wicker basket and a cloth in one arm. The other arm is outstretched and he sprinkles crumbs for birds to eat. Miscellaneous plants and roots decorate the background. Double border. Full-page illustration.

Junes Long Fled.

Facsimile of Frederick Langbridge’s signature. 1/32 page.
Oh, do you remember, say,1
Junes long fled ?2
How the golden sunshine lay3
On your golden head ?4
All sweet wafts and murmurs blent5
O’er the sense would come ;6
Oh, the rich sweet-william scent,7
And the drowsy hum !8
All the sky was built of blue,9
Rain could never fall ;10
All the glad world looked to you,11
King and core of all.12
Every daisy laughed and stirred,13
Pleased to have you near ;14
Every sparrow kept a word15
For your private ear.16
Gone away !  Gone away !17
Summers now are cold,—18
Shall we find you there, one day,19
Lost Junes of old ?20