Two figures, a woman wearing a hat and carrying a basket and a boy also wearing a hat, look towards the sun. The boy points towards a building in the distance. Both figures are facing away from the viewer. 1/32.

III.—A Summer Morning.

Get up, and see the
sun rise !
The happy lambs at
Would gladden all the
children’s eyes
And cheer the
longest day.
The sun shines on the
meadow ;
And, sparkling in the sun,6
Then leaping into shadow,7
The chattering brook doth run.8
The birds are singing snatches,9
The bees go droning by,10
The swallows making matches,11
And the flower-like butterfly12
Is fluttering o’er the roses,13
And the honeysuckle too ;14
The gard’ner’s boy makes posies,15
And all the sky is blue.16
Three lambs play together in a field of flowers and grass. 1/3 page.