V.—Darling Dolly.

Darling Dolly’s house shall be1
High as lofty apple-tree ;2
It shall have a floor inlaid,3
Of the sweetest light and shade.4
It shall have for pictures fair5
Fancies that are rich and rare ;6
It shall have a golden roof,7
And tapestry with stars for woof.8
And it shall have a dome of blue9
With the moonlight stealing through ;10
And stately pillars straight as firs,11
Bending to each wind that stirs.12
And her drink shall be of dew,13
Bubbling up from fountains new14
In the house, through golden sand,15
Whereon Dolly’s feet shall stand.16
Darling Dolly’s friends shall come17
With music of the wild-bee’s hum,18
The swallow’s twitter, linnet’s song19
A music that shall make her strong.20
And her talk they all shall know,21
And at her bidding come and go22
She shall be a Queen of Hearts,23
To know the secret of such arts.24
And she shall never fear to see25
The creatures that make children flee.26
She shall have a fair command,27
And rule, with gladness o’er the land.28
Darling Dolly’s house shall be29
High as lofty apple-tree ;30
It shall have a floor inlaid,31
Of the sweetest light and shade.32