Old Memories.


As she walked through the lonely street,1
Old memories breathed from each stone ;2
She could hear the sound of their feet,3
Although she was walking alone.4


Some footsteps were short and some long,5
But all keeping pace with her own ;6
And she heard the refrain of a song,7
Yet still she was walking alone.8
Profile view of a woman in mourning clothing walking through an empty street. Two black birds stand on the ground and one white bird flies above them. 3/4-page contained within a single-ruled border.


At the corner she made a stand,9
And waited for half a minute ;10
She could almost have sworn that a hand11
Was holding hers tightly in it.12


And she felt on her lips a kiss,13
That was given her years agone ;14
Then she murmured— “ Ah ! why is this,15
When I came through the street alone ?”16