A woman places coins in the outstretched hand of a man wearing all black and facing away and carrying a cane. The man’s profile is partially visible underneath his hat. There is a child standing to the woman’s right. The man tips his hat to the woman. A leashed dog sits at the man’s left side and scratches its ear with its back leg. 2/3 page.


’Tis better to give than to get,1
When the heart with the gift goeth fair :2
For Pity, as treasurer set,3
Relieveth while sharing the care !4
Oh, the bliss of the magical touch5
That gaineth whene’er it would spend,6
Knowing nought of the sad overmuch7
That only hath loss to the end.8
The poorest have riches to win9
In the giving that wasteth no store,10
When the oil and the wine pourèd in11
Flow graciously back to the door.12
The cruse of the widow hath still13
Fullest record in hearts that are pure,14
Who arise in their grace to fulfil15
The law of the Lord that is sure.16
Vegetal tailpiece of flowers, leaves, and small insects on a thin branch. 1/16 page.