A Comparison Between Good House-
Wifery and Evil.

Ill huswifery lieth1
Till nine of the clock :2
Good huswifery trieth3
To rise with the cock.4
Ill huswifery trusteth5
To him and to her :6
Good huswifery lusteth.7
Herself for to stir.8
Ill huswifery careth9
For this nor for that :10
Good huswifery spareth11
For fear ye wot what.12
Ill huswifery pricketh13
Herself up in pride :14
Good huswifery tricketh15
Her house as a bride.16
Ill huswifery one thing17
Or other must crave :18
Good huswifery nothing19
But needful will have.20
Ill huswifery moveth21
With gossip to spend :22
Good huswifery loveth23
Her household to tend.24
Ill huswifery brooketh25
Mad toys in her head :26
Good huswifery looketh27
That all things be fed.28
Ill huswifery bringeth29
A shilling to naught :30
Good huswifery singeth31
Her coffers full fraught.32
Ill huswifery rendeth,33
And casteth aside :34
Good huswifery mendeth,35
Else would it go wide.36
Ill huswifery craveth37
In secret to borrow :38
Good huswifery saveth39
To-day, for to-morrow40
Ill huswifery pineth,41
(Not having to eat) ;42
Good huswifery dineth43
With plenty of meat.44
Ill huswifery letteth45
The devil take all :46
Good huswifery setteth47
Good brag of a small.48