Two standing figures look toward each other and interlace arms. On the left, a woman in translucent robes with a laurel crown holds an olive branch in her left hand. Doves circle her feet. On the right, a nude woman standing on one leg leans forward and reaches toward the other figure. Curtains, a column, bottles, flowers, and a table decorate the background. Double border. Full-page illustration.

“ Yea, I Have a Goodly Heritage.

Facsimile of Christina G. Rossetti’s signature. 1/16 page.
My vineyard that is mine I have to keep,1
Pruning for fruit the pleasant twigs and leaves.2
Tend thou thy cornfield :  one day thou shalt reap3
In joy thy ripened sheaves.4
Or if thine be an orchard, graft and prop5
Food-bearing trees each watered in its place :6
Or if a garden, let it yield for crop7
Sweet herbs and herb of grace.8
But if my lot be sand where nothing grows ?—9
Nay, who hath said it ?  Tune a thankful psalm :10
For tho’ thy desert bloom not as the rose,11
It yet can rear thy palm.12