On Looking on the Sea.

Written Abroad.

Yon sunny wave, that sparkling foam,1
That booming of the sea,2
How many thoughts of friends, of home,3
Those objects bring to me.4
So days in youth successive roll’d,5
Like billows drest in light,6
And like yon liquid flood of gold,7
Each passing hour was bright.8
Those days of bliss! No gayer heart9
Ere led the laughing throng,10
Or in the joyous dance took part,11
Or troll’d the merry song.12
But like yon shadow’d cloud that flies13
Across the bright blue main,14
In time’s horizon cares arise15
To chequer life with pain.16
And storms have raged, and gloom has veil’d17
The joys that childhood deck’d; 18
Of all the hopes so trimly sail’d,19
How many now are wreck’d.20
But still I love to think on days21
’T were better to forget,22
And idly watch for pleasure’s rays23
Where pleasure’s sun has set.24
I love to wander here alone25
And listen to that sound,26
That hollow voice, from realms unknown,27
Bears tidings of the drown’d.28
I fancy every breeze’s sigh29
Laments for parted hearts,30
Upon the murmurs floating by,31
Some last, fond thought departs.32
I think each swelling wave but seems33
A mound o’er some fair head,34
And sadly think each ray but beams35
To decorate the dead.36
The brave, the coward there are laid,37
The vilest, and the best;38
There hopes have sunk, there joys decay’d,39
There Sorrow has found rest.40