The Prayer of the Women.

God of Eternity ! shadows are stealing1
Over the Homes of the near and the far ;2
Fen as we kneel at Thy footstool appealing,3
Haste Thou the end of the sorrows of war !4
Wisdom hath whispered, ‘ The life of the nation5
Is thereby revived, and in unity held ;’6
But is it enough ?  Oh, God of Creation,7
Speak ! and the shadows of war are dispelled.8
Far on the lone veldt our loved, in their dreaming,9
Are calling us vainly, as Heaven draweth nigh.10
Creator of Motherhood !  grant us a meeting,11
That, calm as the cradled, they peacefully die.12
Though for ‘ the good,’ or the ‘ future ennobling,’13
Humanity, stricken, cries, ‘ God, let it cease ’—14
Hurl Thou the war-clouds, in pity, asunder,15
And staunch the heart-flowing with God-given Peace !16