The Round Tower at Jhansi. June 8, 1857.

A hundred, a thousand to one ; even so ;1
Not a hope in the world remained ;2
The swarming, howling wretches below3
Gained, and gained, and gained.4
S—— look’d at his pale young wife :—5
Is the time come ?” “ The time is come."6
Young, strong, and so full of life ;7
The agony struck them dumb.8
Will is hurt much ?”   “ No, mine own :9
I wish I could bear the pang for both.”10
I wish I could bear the pang alone:11
Courage, dear !  I am not loth.”12
Kiss and kiss : “ It is not pain13
Thus to kiss and die.14
One kiss more.”  “ And yet one again.”15
Goodbye.”  “ Goodbye.”16