The Hedge

Fair neighbour of the thatchèd cot1
With gloire de Dijon clustered gable,2
So star-sweet, on from plot to plot,3
Thou trippest, like a nymph of fable ;4
So blithe thy smile, so soft thy tone,5
Thy love so good a life to lead in,6
I’d fain the hedge were overthrown,7
And our two gardens made one
Eden !
But “ No !” cries Wisdom, “ spare the fence,9
The thorn, the ivy blackbirds nest in ;10
Leave something for the finer sense,11
Some dream of joy to hope and rest in,12
Some glad surprise, some mystery13
Of inconceivably sweet meaning ! ”14
Wisdom is wise. My friend and I15
Scarce press the topmost twigs by