Conflict and Victory.

Oh ! Refuge of men worn and weary,1
With suffering and sin oft distressed,2
Could’st Thou leave ’mid surroundings so
Thy peace as a dying request ?4
To Thine ear comes the cry of sharp sorrow5
That rings through this pitiless world ;6
And know’st Thou how oft with the morrow7
To a deeper despair we are hurled ?8
For the dawn brings no light that can lead us,9
The birds sing no songs that can cheer,10
Nor does harvest give food that can feed us,11
And the winter’s gloom reigns thro’ the
We’ve felt strange mid our kindred and
Been lonely in thick haunts of men,14
Had to rest on a stone from our labours,15
And no visions to comfort us then.16
We’ve been lured by the voice of the siren17
And caught in her cruel embrace,18
Have found that the heart may be iron,19
Tho’ beauty may shine in the face.20
We are weary with chasing the shadows21
And bearing our burdens of care,22
For our way has not lain through the mea-
We have chosen the dust and the glare.24
Yet, Saviour, on Thee in our anguish25
We’ll pillow our sore-stricken head,26
For in sorrow of soul Thou did’st vanquish27
The foes that fill life with such dread.28
We have lived for ourselves ’s tead of others,29
Sought in temples of pleasure our shrine,30
Held no cup to the lips of our brothers,31
Or with gall often mingled our wine.32
We bless Thee who cam’st down in glory33
To suffer, to succour, to save ;34
By Thy Cross to shine bright in life’s story35
And triumph o’er death and the grave.36
We’ll fret with the world then no longer ;37
It can bring to us nothing but bliss,38
Were love in our heart only stronger39
To God and to man than it is.40