The Ivy.

I’ve seen the rose-bud blushing1
Beneath her leafy screen,2
Like Beauty’s cheek, when flushing3
At Passion’s ardent mien.4
I’ve seen the lily trembling5
In every passing gale,6
Forsaken love resembling,7
As timid-and as pale.8
And other flowers are blowing9
Within my lady’s bower,10
Their hues so richly glowing,11
Like rainbow after shower.12
Their charms I scarce would gather,13
I leave them in their pride ;14
One leaf I covet rather15
Than all the world beside.16
One leaf—nor bay, nor laurel,17
The crown of glorious deed ;18
For fame let others quarrel,19
I seek a dearer meed.20
Give me the ivy wreathing21
Around my lady’s brow,22
Of true affection breathing23
The emblem of her vow.24
Both maids and flowers are carried25
By fickle gales away ;26
But, oh !  the ivy’s married,27
And where she clings will stay.28