Verses Inscribed in an Album.

Why write my name ’midst songs and flowers,1
To meet the eye of lady gay ?2
I have no voice for lady’s bowers3
For page like this no fitting lay.4
Yet though my heart no more must bound5
At witching call of sprightly joys,6
Mine is the brow that never frown’d7
On laughing lips, or sparkling eyes.8
No—though behind me now is closed9
The youthful paradise of Love,10
Yet can I bless, with soul composed,11
The lingerers in that happy grove !12
Take, then, fair girls, my blessing take !13
Where’er amid its charms you roam ;14
Or where, by western hill or lake,15
You brighten a serener home.16
And while the youthful lover’s name17
Here with the sister beauty’s blends,18
Laugh not to scorn the humbler aim,19
That to their list would add a friend’s !20