Mother of the dews, dark eyelashed Twilight !
Low-lidded Twilight, o’er the valley’s brim.
Spirit of Twilight, through your folded wings 1
I catch a glimpse of your averted face,2
And rapturous on a sudden, my soul sings 3
Is not this common earth a holy place ? ”4
Spirit of Twilight, you are like a song 5
That sleeps, and waits a singer, like a hymn 6
That God finds lovely and keeps near Him long,7
Til it is choired by aureoled cherubim. 8
Spirit of Twilight, in the golden gloom 9
Of dreamland dim I sought you, and I found 10
A woman sitting in a silent room 11
Full of white flowers that moved and made no sound.12
These white flowers were the thoughts you bring
to all,
And the room’s name is Mystery where you sit,14
Woman whom we call Twilight, when night’s pall 15
You lift across our Earth to cover it.16