May Ditty.

Cuckoo ! cuckoo ! for love and mirth1
My heart is gay ;2
I have no wish, no wish on earth,3
Sweet, sweet, ’tis May !4
The swallows on my roof awake5
With twittering notes,6
In chorus full, as though they’d break7
Their little throats.8
Cuckoo ! cuckoo ! I hear it sing9
From out the grove,10
And all the hills are echoing11
The voice of love.12
Sweet dreams from off my eyelids go,13
I live again ;14
I hear the rosebuds talking low15
About the rain.16
I hear the lambs upon the lea,17
The throstle’s brood ;18
The flowing music of the sea,19
The breathing wood.20
I hear the panting of the brook,21
I hear the sigh22
O’ the lily that the water shook23
When hurrying by.24
Rise, little head, all golden-ringed,25
Lent me by God !26
Wake, little spirit, angel-winged,27
And flit abroad !28
Wee baby in thy tiny bed29
Come, crow again !30
I’ll gather thee that jewel red31
Set in our pane !32
I’ll deck thee all in snowy state33
Monarch of spring !34
With crimson roses from the gate35
I’ll crown thee king.36
The birds shall pipe and tell our sport37
To all things gay,38
And we will hold a merry court39
This first of May !40