From the alder bushes,1
From the daisies’ home,2
From the bending rushes,3
Come, come, come !4
I am spirit-weary,5
Weary of the earth ;6
I would be a fairy,7
Sharing in your mirth !8
At my wishes take me,9
Little fairy elves !10
By your magic make me11
Even as yourselves.12
From the mossy hollow,13
From the lily’s dome,14
Follow, follow, follow,15
Come, come, come !16
Shall we to the river ?17
Shall we to the mead,18
Where the dew-drops quiver,19
Where the rainbows feed ?20
In yonder airy palace21
I will lightest trip,22
From your acorn chalice23
Deepest will I sip.24
Bring me to the waters25
By the musk-wind fanned ;26
Let me see the daughters27
Of your lovely land ;28
Or where the monsters wallow,29
’Neath the white sea foam,30
Follow, follow, follow,31
Come, come, come !32
’Neath the glistering laurel33
In the moon’s pale light ;34
’Midst the branching coral,35
Where sea-bones are white.36
In earth, air, or ocean,37
Stars, or flowers, or dew,38
Any where for motion,39
Any where with you !40
So shall come forgetting41
Of earthly tear and sigh !42
So shall cease regretting43
For the days gone by !44
Skim we like the swallow,45
Wheresoe’er we roam ;46
Follow, follow, follow,47
Come, come, come !48