“ Carpe Diem.

The morning sun is trembling on the stream ;1
The green leaves wave in the cool morning air ;2
Nature uncovers to the welcome beam,3
And every sight is fair.4
Earth is not now, as it hath lately been,5
In winter’s dull ice-woven fetters bound :6
Flowers of all hue put on their lustrous sheen ;7
Sweet odours float around.8
And birds of every wing and every note9
Pleasantly flutter in the pleasant groves,10
Warbling together from melodious throat11
The story of their loves.12
No storms will darken o’er the azure way ;13
Nothing will hide the sunlight’s merry march ;14
Heaven will o’erhang the revelling earth to-day15
One blue unclouded arch.16
To-morrow may be dark with rain and gloom17
Fear not, but take with thanks the present hour :18
To-day all pleasures in profusion bloom ;19
To-day no tempests lower.20
Full wisely hath the all-foreseeing Heaven21
Hid coming sorrows from our anxious eye,22
And held in front a cloud, when man hath striven23
To read his destiny.24
For if he could behold the advancing years,25
And evil shadows following in their train,26
Things that are brightest would beget but tears,27
And double future pain.28