I know not what thoughts are thronging1
My heart with their wondrous chime ;2
They fill me with passionate longing3
For a dream of the bygone time.4
The sky with clouds is darkling,5
But gently flows the Rhine ;6
In dyes of sunset sparkling7
The mountain summits shine.8
And, there on the height is reclining9
A lady, wondrous fair ;10
Her golden jewels are shining,11
She binds her golden hair.12
With a golden comb she binds it13
And sings a magic song,14
Intrancing melody winds it15
Rivers and cliffs along.16
The fisherman hears it ringing17
With woe and wild surprise ;18
He hears but the lady singing,19
He heeds not the storm arise.20
And darkly will roll the river21
O’er fisher and boat ere long,22
Such ruin is linked for ever23
With Lorley and her song.24