What One Year Brought.

If they had told me a year ago,1
As I lay, all love, at my darling’s feet,2
That our hearts would become more cold than snow,3
And our eyes never meet when we meet4
If they had told me the treasured tress5
Would be shrivell’d and shrunk in the heedless[flames ;6
That love, and devotion, and tenderness7
Would become but idle names8
If they had told me the ring you wore9
(Well chosen, the opal’s changing hue)10
Would be lying crush’d at my feet on the floor11
For its crime that it bound me to you12
If they had told me your love was a lie,13
That your faith was faithless, and false your heart ;14
That you would change sweetness to scorn, and I15
Should give scorn for your scorn, and depart16
I should have said, with a laugh, that the sun17
Would be dark, the hills tottering, and shallow the[sea :18
One short year through its snows and its roses has run,19
Yet you are wedded, and I am free.20