Havergal, Francis Ridley (F)

Surname: Havergal
Forename(s): Francis Ridley
b. 14 December 1836. d. 3 June 1879. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Poet, children’s writer, and hymn writer. Pseudonyms: Sabrina, Zoide, F. R. H., and H. Born in Astley, Worcestershire. Attended boarding school in Düsseldorf, Germany. Learned several languages including French, German, Welsh, Hebrew, Greek, and Italian. Travelled extensively to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Recreational pastimes included mountain climbing, dancing, and teaching Sunday School. Biographical information: Orlando. (AC, CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 18
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Mary’s Birthday 1860-02 Good Words Poet 311
“I did this for Thee! What hast thou done for me?” (Motto placed under a Picture of our Saviour in the Study of a German Divine) 1860-02 Good Words Poet 1979
One Question, Many Answers 1860-02 Good Words Poet 315
Faith’s Question 1860-03 Good Words Poet 321
Early Faith 1860-04 Good Words Poet 325
Constance De V—. An Episode in the Early Life of Charles Maurice, Prince de Talleyrand 1860-04 Good Words Poet 327
Faith and Reason 1860-05 Good Words Poet 330
Thanksgiving 1860-05 Good Words Poet 332
Isaiah XXXIII.17 1860-06 Good Words Poet 333
Coming Summer 1860-06 Good Words Poet 334
Making Poetry 1867-04-01 Good Words Poet 1859
Under the Surface 1873 Good Words Poet 2452
The Children’s Triumph 1874 Good Words Poet 2474
Tiny Tokens 1874 Good Words Poet 2512
Perfect Peace 1876 Good Words Poet 2588
Twilight Voices 1876 Good Words Poet 2586
Life-Mosaic 1877 Good Words Poet 2627
The Turned Lesson 1877 Good Words Poet 2632