“I Did This for Thee ! What Hast
Thou Done for Me?”

(Motto placed under a Picture of our Saviour in the
Study of a German Divine

I gave my life for thee,1
My precious blood I shed,2
That thou mightst ransom’d be,3
And quicken’d from the dead.4
I gave my life for thee ;5
What hast thou given for Me ?6
I spent long years for thee7
In weariness and woe,8
That an eternity9
Of joy thou mightest know.10
I spent long years for thee ;11
Hast thou spent one for Me ?12
My Father’s home of light,13
My rainbow-circled throne,14
I left, for earthly night,15
For wand’rings sad and lone.16
I left it all for thee ;17
Hast thou left aught for Me ?18
I suffer’d much for thee,19
More than thy tongue may tell,20
Of bitterest agony,21
To rescue thee from hell.22
I suffer’d much for thee ;23
What canst thou bear for Me ?24
And I have brought to thee,25
Down from my home above,26
Salvation full and free,27
My pardon and my love.28
Great gifts I brought to thee ;29
What hast thou brought to Me ?30
Oh, let thy life be given,31
Thy years for Him be spent,32
World-fetters all be riven,33
And joy with suffring blent ;34
Bring thou thy worthless all ;35
Follow thy Saviour’s call.36