The Chords of Love.

The heart’s best treasures lie in secret mines,1
As precious gems of earth are buried deepest ;2
The basest metal on the surface shines,3
And quick-moved feelings are least worth and cheapest.4
The chords of love cannot be swept by all ;5
Some strike them rudely, and the sound is
hollow ;
Whilst, if a gentler touch upon them fall,7
The sweetest music will as surely follow.8
A low-breathed whisper may ignite the spark9
That lies concealed in the bosom’s keeping,10
And kindle brightness where all once was dark,11
Wakening affection which before was sleeping.12
How sweet to know that when our bodies die,13
And with the damp cold earth are slowly blending,14
Embalm’d in Memory’s sacred depths they lie,15
Cherish’d by Love unspeakable, unending.16
And when in brighter worlds we meet again,17
And welcome those we lost at Heaven’s wide
The dearest ties of life shall still remain ;19
Hearts shall be ours which we had shared when mortal.20