Question and Answer.

You rhyme in praise of my golden hair ;1
Ah, but the gold will turn to gray.2
You vow that no maiden with me may compare ;3
Yes, but the Spring-time will pass away.4
Though my eyes be blue as the deep-blue sea,5
Blue eyes can fade through the mist of years ;6
What if the end of your rhyme should be7
Blistered and spoilt with salt, sad tears ?8
Then I must find rhymes for snow-white hair,9
Dear, if the gold should turn to gray,10
For never another with you may compare,11
E’en though the Spring-time be passed away.12
If your eyes, now blue as the deep-blue sea,13
Should fade, beloved, through the mist of years,14
What care I, so together we be ;15
Only, sweetheart, let me dry those tears.’16