Hymn VI.


O unseen Spirit ! now a calm divine1
Comes forth from Thee rejoicing earth and air !2
Trees, hills, and houses, all distinctly shine,3
And thy great ocean slumbers every where.4


The mountain ridge against the purple sky5
Stands clear and strong with darken’d rocks and dells,6
And cloudless brightness opens wide on high7
A home aërial, where thy presence dwells.8


The chime of bells remote, the murmuring sea,9
The song of birds in whispering copse and wood,10
The distant voice of children’s thoughtless glee,11
And maiden’s song, are all one voice of good.12


Amid the leaves’ green mass, a sunny play13
Of flash and shadow stirs like inward life ;14
The ship’s white sail glides onward far away,15
Unhaunted by a dream of storm or strife.16


Upon the narrow bridge of foot-worn plank,17
The peasant stops where swift the waters gleam,18
And broods as if his heart in silence drank19
More freshening draughts than that untainted stream.20


The cottage roof, the burn, the spire, the graves,21
All quaff the rest of seasons hush’d as this,22
And earth enjoys, while scarce its foliage waves,23
The deep repose and harmony of bliss.24


O Thou ! the primal fount of life and peace,25
Who shedd’st thy breathing quiet all around,26
In me command that pain and conflict cease,27
And turn to music every jarring sound.28


How longs each gulf within the weary soul29
To taste the life of this benignant hour,30
To be at one with thine untroubled Whole,31
And in itself to know thy hushing power.32


Amid the joys of all my grief revives,33
And shadows thrown from me thy sunshine mar ;34
With this serene to-day dark memory strives,35
And draws its legions of dismay from far.36


Prepare, O Truth Supreme ! through shame and pain37
A heart attuned to thy celestial calm ;38
Let not reflection’s pangs be roused in vain,39
But heal the wounded breast with searching balm.40


So, firm in steadfast hope, in thought secure,41
In full accord to all thy world of joy,42
May I be nerved to labours high and pure,43
And Thou thy child to do thy work employ.44


So might in many hearts be kindled then45
The lambent fire of faith not rashly strong46
So might be taught to souls of doubtful men47
Thy tranquil bliss, thy love’s divinest song.48


In One, who walk’d on earth a man of woe,49
Was holier peace than e’en this hour inspires ;50
From Him to me let inward quiet flow,51
And give the might my failing will requires.52


So this great All around, so He, and Thou,53
The Central source and awful bound of things,54
May fill my heart with rest as deep as now55
To land, and sea, and air, thy presence brings.56